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Hehe, Tal- Genn!

Sabiha kink, jien Malti ukoll, fl-ahhar sibt il xi hadd iehor!
Proset hafna, L-Animation tal-genn u l-kwalita ahjar, prosit.!


BoMbLu responds:

Ghandek muzika tajba wkoll! Iktar ma jghaddi z-zmies iktar insib nies maltin awnekk ;p Grazzi tal-Ghaxra! :P

LOL, Funny

I loved it, it made laugh a lot, and the character can rise up to a lot, like Pico or S'asshole.
The main thing I liked was the animation, from the minute i saw the character I thought it was gonna be good, the voice acting was lol*able and the general character animation wasn't bad.
The story line is creative and the originality of it gets a 100%!

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BillyNapalm responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm thinking of turning this into a series where he's constantly getting himself into more and more awkward situations, and trying to make him as disturbingly lovable as I can.

Errmmmm, Lemme See

The Animation wasn't bad but the stroyline runied it all, which is reason 1 for your low score.
Reason 2 is the choice of Music, i know it's flash but if u see my signature you'll know why.
3 is for the suckish menus, they look like my cousin could have done 'em and he's 1 years old.
Overall, good animation, sorta but needs work, a lottttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Deejay> <---------Signature, Y'see?
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lgnxhll responds:

sorry about the music would you like to compose for the next one if so pm me

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It's a good game, and one of the few with a lot of livesa and a fast ball.
The animation is very simplistic though, I think ive seen a hundred games with that texture on NG only......
The music, too, what the F? It's good music but why rap, you should have added maybe 8-bit music or something like that.

It's a good game but it needs work.

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TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the review. I suck at anything art related, so this was the best animation I could come up with, sorry, lol.

U've done it again Bruv'

I cant believe it, youve done it again, you cease to amaze me man, you simply rock, and roll, and something else, the graphics are better than the previous one and the guitar choices vary more, the songs are cool but the difficulty is a bit hard to master, ask paulo ;P so 10/10 and 5/5

Can't See It?!?!¬?!

OK, Gr8 game, it was amazing, 4 the first 10 minutes. It is very original and looks cool and painful at the same time ;P
The thing is though, first i shot the turtle and everything looked normal, but then the hills and trees were overlapping over the turtle, i could only see it when it was above the Trees or Hills. Then After i just shot it and it restarted. :(
so hoping u could fix tat, peace out man. Deejay

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Fived and Faved!

Dude, Love this - thanks so much ;; I got everything I was gong for and I appreciate it a lot :D

ChimeraNoise responds:

There's more coming as I have free time ;)

Pretty damn sexy, to say the least.

Ok, the intro started off okay, but despite having a good structure and all that, it could have used some really low bass notes, just to compliment it all.

Also, I hate that snare :P

Other than that it's beautiful :3 Good Job!


Step responds:

Thanks Dan!

Weird that you don't like the snare because quite a few people seem to like it. But hey, you're quite picky about your snares huh? :3

Thanks for the review, it's also pretty damn sexy. Hope school's going alright with you!

The Effects, just wow.

The intro is very nice, it builds a spectacular ambience and prepares me for what is to come. My favourite thing could possibly be that phasing low-pass sounding stab being automated, it just sounds wonderful. The rest of the intro was very well layed out, good job on that. What could be a slight problem is leveling. As I mentioned earlier I love the phasing synth but I feel it could be slightly lower, volume-wise, other than that it's just wonderful.

With this track being ambient and all, I didn't expect much of a climax myself, but I was expecting something, and when the bit-crushed drums kicked in, I was not disappointed. they added a whole new level to the track, and they themselves weren't bad, although they could just be compressed slightly.

I'm up to 1:36 and the proper drums finally kicked in, they are spectacular, I love both the rythm and the samples themselves, and I have totally nothing to comlain about, this part is just spectacular, the tambourines sound very nice too by the way!

The strings on top of the drums sound so good, they give me the feeling of innocence - I don't know why but that is just what they seem to portray in my opinion. The mixing of it all was quite good but I felt the strings could use slightly less reverb and just a notch more of high-band to give them a bit more presence.

I know it's ambient and all, but at 3:40 or so, despite the choir being added, it started to get repetetive. A nice vibrato saw lead would be nice right now, just automate its volume and let it in slowly, it wouldn't be much but a lead melody is everything in music nowadays.

Ah, strings again. As I said before they sound quite good despite having slightly too much reverb and no enough high-band on them.

Also, just as a side-note, that crash cymbal was way too loud, decrease the volume a bit.

Ah, finally, a melody! This sounds like a Pan Flute being played really high, I truly fell in love with this, it not only is a good and sustainable melody, but the instrument itself shines a light on the song and gives it an overall spectacular feel.

The final bit was extremely calm and soothing but that sweep/white noise thing was too long to handle, I had to move further in the song myself just to avoid it. It's not that it sounds all bad, but it could use some filtering and maybe phaser or reverb to even it out.

All in all, this is nothing like I've ever heard before, I quite like it. It sounds as if it should be in the Shadow the Hedgehog game or a Video Game demo.

Wonderful Job!


KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you, Decibel! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Yeah I'm still a bit of a noob when faced to production and proper equalization, something I would train in the days ahead. These reviews are a good reminder for me to not spam too much certain things over some other ones, and try focusing on the technical aspect of a track. Right now it's more of a emotion vs technique kind of thing, y'know... If I have to judge by the reviews alone, I'd say it's a generally well done track, despite the cons which I can now consider as minor. And I totally agree with that, thanks to all the feedback I got so far. =)
Thanks again, you too keep up making some awesomeness :D

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Main Shape and Body is Perfect, the presicion of the clothes was wonderful and the colour was great, the shading, was pretty good although it could've used a background of some sort.
The bloody sword is the hilight of everything and the cool part is the helmet.

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lgnxhll responds:

thank you i will make more

. 'If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music...... '~Gustav Mahler

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