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Decibel's News

Posted by Decibel - February 13th, 2012

So yeah, I Made a new Soundcloud under the alias Merisi - I'm trying to get out there at make that name well known so excuse the wall post, Just Follow and Listen and Make me Famous!

-Note;;This is the 3rd Soundcloud I've made and I hope it's the last, the name's kind of catchy :3 Merisi means 'Good for You'.

Posted by Decibel - December 26th, 2011

Hey Newgrounds, It's been a while - I thought I'd tell you how I'm going..

It's been a fantastic year for me, I've improved and changed so much, I've experienced the unexperienced and did what I thought was impossible, and this has definitely been 'One of Those Years' whatever that means.

Musically I've improved so much - I got a bit of airtime on the radio and I got a couple of songs on YouTube, I'm going to keep making music for you guys until I breath my last breath :')

Also, here's a couple videos :D

I'm The Good Guy


Underwater Scenic Route

So Yeah, Enjoy and Have the best New Year and 2012 Guys, I love you all :)

Posted by Decibel - October 24th, 2011

Posted by Decibel - August 19th, 2011

Yes, 28.

Almost as much as xKore.

Give or take a couple hundred.

And these lovely creatures are :

Drum Roll

- 2dpolygon
- aelitalover1
- aidake1988
- aliaspharow
- Bjra
- BooBlock
- bunnie92
- Computer112
- DarkSoldier
- dj-Nate
- Echo
- Flyinbase
- GarageDragon
- gavkay21
- JackRocker
- joethesouleater
- Kemikal-Rabbit
- KoneStudios
- madnessfreakoutrage
- NanvanNoord
- piratelover
- sugarsimon
- Supersteph54
- TheCeeg
- theharri2hi
- TrancecnarT
- Yottatime

28 is a big deal for me, let's get it to 30, whoop whoop! :P

Posted by Decibel - July 29th, 2011

First of all, What is Modular Synthesis?

Modular Synthesis is a Category of synthesis which consists of individual modules connected by wires (These are called 'Patch Cords').

The connection of these individual modules create a patch. If you ever layed hands on a DAW, you will probably have already seen this word. Each output creates and sends out its own signal. This signal is a voltage which varies in strength.

When Mixing or Layering these sounds, you have endless possibilties, according to what VST/Synthesizer you use, there are infinite combinations you have - More so when resampled.

There are different types & sub-types of modules in this line of synthesis. Even similair modules or exact copies of the same modules will have different Inputs, Outputs and Controls on Various Models.


Generally, Synthesizers have different modules to help modify the sound, the following are most commonly found in every synthesizer :

VCO -Volume Controlled Oscillator- This will output a pitched sound (frequency) in a particular waveform, most commonly a Square or Saw, but they can vary from Squares, Saws, Rounded Saws, Sine and Triangle Waves.

Noise - This generates a static noise, similair to the sound of Cymbals or Rain - They are occasionally used to make Sweep Noises, or the latter-mentioned Cymbals. There are different types of noise, like White Noise, Pink or Brown Noise.

EG This triggers an Envelope Generator which produces a repeating (Looping) shaped pulse, Often recognized as ADSR.

ADSR is Attack Decay Sustain Release - It provides the shaping of a sound in terms of Volume, Cutoff, Pitch, etc.

LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator (Dubstep Anyone?).This is similar to the afore-mentioned VCO, only at a rate of 20Hz or Below that. When Modulating the VCO, you create a tremolo effect, because the pitch starts increasing and decreasing at a fast yet recognisable rate.

S&H - Sample and Hold - This takes a sample of the input when a pulse is received and holds it until a subsequent trigger pulse is applied.

-That's all for now, I'll go more into depth and add some videos and links later ^_^

Posted by Decibel - June 22nd, 2011

Awesome, Image-Line made a competiton to release their new FL Studio Mobile App.

This company has not ceased to amaze me :D

Posted by Decibel - May 10th, 2011

First of all, My computer had a good recovery, my dad fixed it, and it's as good as new. Although, I losteverything I had in my computer, including my 12,000 song library, my FL Studio and my project files.
The FL Studio thing isn't really a problem because I can just re-install it, but the project file thing could serve a problem, because I had some project files which I really refret losing, like the Electro Corpse file, which I was going to extend, but meh, I'll get over it, prepare yourselves for more music to come.

In other news, there might be a possible album release in the near future, maybe End of Septembet or something like that, I'm uncertain about it though because I haven't found the time to make music, what with exams coming up and all that, but I'll have a lot of time in summer when I'm not with my friends or at soccer camp, don't worry, I won't leave you guys dry, I haven't got many followers but the few I have rock :D

Next in line, There might be or might not be a couple of remixes in the near future, which I'm going to start working on very soon, one of them being a remix of a particular Royksopp song which I will release details about in the next newspost, which will be in a very long time :P

Last in the agenda, someone put my song 'Underwater Scenic Route' in the Newgrounds Picks channel on youtube! I'd like to thank whoever it is and I appreciate it, No better thing for a musician than exposure these days huh?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTUhHf6 rtx0

So thanks everyone for following me, giving me inspiration and being there for me, there's better things to come, and soon ;)


Posted by Decibel - April 24th, 2011

Yes, I like sheep.

Posted by Decibel - April 9th, 2011

Somebody Fave Me.

Posted by Decibel - March 17th, 2011

Guys, I need you to go onto this page on facebook and like the mix
Please, It's a competition in my island and If I win I get some proper equipment to DJ with, since I can't afford anything as of yet =//

The link is :
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pe rmalink.php?story_fbid=141527395912881 &id=374169802406